Angela Kretschmar

Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Angela Kretschmar, loves to give to people the chance to make a difference, and often finds that the people we help eventually become the people who do the helping. Every day she wakes up and knows why she's here and what her purpose is. She is grateful that she gets a chance to fulfill that purpose while working with people who are dedicated to making a difference; one heart at a time. 

Program Leaders:


    Karen Fontenette, CACFP/SFSP Site Supervisor

     Angela Woodard, Food Distribution Manager

Paul Marquie, Food Pantry Manager

Narri Cooper, Meals Coordinator

Board Members:

Dr. A.B. Vines, Sr., President

Herbert Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Bernice Arrington, Secretary

Angela Kretschmar, Executive Director

Charlotte McGee, Board Member

Narri Cooper, Board Member