Affiliations & Partnerships

We value collaborations and partnerships with various nonprofit, government agencies, faith-based organizations, and business organizations, because we believe that working together to serve is the answer towards making a difference. Our afiliations and partnership include but not limited to:
  • San Diego Hunger Coalition™
  • Hunger Advocacy Network™
  • Nurse-Family Partnership™
  • Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce™
  • California Association of Food Banks™
  • Feeding America San Diego ™
  • Spring Valley Family & Youth Coalition™
  • Kitchens for Good™
  • Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank™
  • New Seasons Church
  • California Summer Meal Coalition
  • Smart Kitchens San Diego

  • National CACFP Sponsors Association
  • National MS Society Pacific South Coast Chapter
  • San Diego County Library, Spring Valley Branch
  • Spring Valley Community Center, Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Journey Community Church
  • Rock Church San Ysidro
  • Grace Community Church East
  • PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)
  • East County Pregnancy Care Clinic
  • Alliance Healthcare Foundation
  • San Diego Food Systems Alliance
  • Food Donation Connection
  • Leah's Pantry

National CACFP

San Diego Food Bank

Parks & Recreation

Live Well San Diego
San Diego County Library

No Kid Hungry

Feeding America
Food Donation Connection

Hunger Advocacy Network

Spring Valley

San Diego Hunger Coalition

Child & Adult Care Food Program

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 


Spring Valley Vitamin Angels

 Kitchens For Good