About Our Organization

We are located in a very low-income and crime riddled area of East County, and have seen such a need for the basic necessities of life, so we formed our agency to meet that need using the partnerships that are available to us. Our goal is to reach and unite the diverse population of our area by bringing a message of hope and a sense of community. We are passionate about reaching and influencing this community where it is needed most; the family.

Our Purpose

This agency strives to bring resources to families, single adults and youth for successful lives. It is our purpose to provide emergency needs and assistance to anyone who requires it. Our services cover a wide range of needs. We serve anyone who needs help, such as the homeless, families, refugees, and people of all ages.

It is our mission to elevate the current living conditions of poverty-stricken residents, and assist in establishing a stable status of living while providing support for building strong families.

Contact us in Spring Valley, California, to request more information on how to aid our nonprofit organization.